Employee Investigations

One of our core roles is assisting employers in dealing with employee related issues that negatively impact the business and, more often than not, negatively impact the company's bottom line.

Disciplinary Process

The disciplinary process can seem daunting to employers and it is true that the Employment Relations Authority can be punitive when employers mishandle the disciplinary processes.

The advantages of engaging Zavést to assist in the process is that we are independent and divorced from the emotion often associated with breaches of trust perpetrated by a previously valued employee. We are experienced and adaptable to individual company processes.

We often are able to mitigate negative perceptions of the employer as the "villian" in the disciplinary process, making it easier for an employer to maintain professional relations with staff.

"If an organisation has been punctilious in its process and found, through objective means, that the employee's further employment is detrimental the the organisation's further success, the dismissal will have been justified" (HRINZ)


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