Glynn left the New Zealand Police in 1997 and spent the following eight years as an investigator in the private sector, based in Auckland and Christchurch.

In 2005, Glynn established his own business, Zavést, with the goal of developing an Investigation company that was client centric. That model has led Glynn around the world, investigating multi-million dollar corporate frauds, asset recoveries, thefts and missing persons enquiries.

Glynn manages the CANTERBURY office of Zavést. He is a Trustee of the New Zealand Public Interest Project and is a long term member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators.



Tim joined Zavést as a Director in 2008 following three years as a commercial investigator in London and Auckland. Earlier he had been a detective in the New Zealand Police. Tim has a particular interest in criminal, human rights and environmental investigations.

Tim was a finalist in the NZ Herald 2015 Person of the Year awards for his work on the Teina Pora case, leading the investigation that overturned Mr Pora's wrongful convictions for rape and murder, and saw Mr Pora receive an apology and $3.5 million in compensation from the New Zealand government. He continues to work on wrongful conviction cases.

In addition to New Zealand based projects, Tim has spent recent years leading human rights and environmental investigations in South East Asia, West Africa and the Pacific.

Tim holds a Masters degree in Social Science.

Tim is based in Zavést's AUCKLAND office with Brent Bills.



Brent joined Zavést as the Director of the Auckland office in 2012 having previously been an Investigation Manager at a leading New Zealand insurance company. Prior to that, he had worked as an Investigator for a number of Government agencies and was also a Detective in the New Zealand Police.

Brent is a highly experienced and skilled investigator whose ability to operate in the regulatory environment has led to a number of quality outcomes for employers and clients alike. Experience in both the public and private sectors has given Brent the ability to consistently produce quality outcomes in criminal and commercial environments.

Brent holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Science (Maths) and a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business and Marketing).

Brent manages Zavést's AUCKLAND office.

"Doubt, indulged and cherished, is in danger of becoming denial; but if honest, and bent on thorough investigation, it may soon lead to full establishment of the truth." Ambrose Bierce


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